What is Data Driven Operation and
Why Should Facilities Care?

What is Data Driven Operation and Why Should Facilities Care?

Do digitization and dematerialization apply to energy industry like telco and finance? Is the Industrial Internet of Things just an overhyped technology vision or can it practically improve facility operations today? Can bringing IoT into a facility help it run more efficiently and reliably? Are IIoT systems secure? Such questions are being asked by the facility managers and building operators particularly in EMEA region more and more frequently nowadays. The number of monitoring and control points connecting industrial and commercial facilities to the “Internet of Things” is expected to reach at least 50 billion by 2020, generating almost $9 trillion in new revenue. It is hard to find a larger, faster growing market that is positioned to fundamentally transform how businesses operate. Understanding this trend, Faradai’s  Platform provide the ability to harness all that connectivity by taking the massive volumes of data generated by these end points and turning it into actionable insights that can be used to improve operations in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, utilities and energy plants.

For more than 4 years, our technology has been proving its ability to help to build operators and facility managers remove the complexity from the massive amounts of data generated by their HVAC systems, critical power equipment, BMS and SCADA systems, IT infrastructure, solar panels and cogeneration units. Implemented at biggest hotel and shopping mall chains of the region, Faradai Platform integrates traditionally siloed and disparate data sources into a common data model, and the virtual energy management application presents the information in a single, cohesive view, making it easy for technicians, operators and engineers to identify operational and process improvements and increase uptime.

Energy IoT technology stack enables operators and engineers to better monitor assets connected to the smart buildings & grid. By providing this situational awareness in real-time, it helps facilities prevent excessive energy consumption and operational inefficiency by ensuring them maintain optimal performance while allowing operators to know when and where a critical equipment needs service. In short, our technology gives control and improved decision-making back to the operator, making it easier for them to do their jobs, develop an energy management strategy and meet occupant demand. Tens of customized reports let them understand and engage with their energy and operational profile, try to initiate actions to optimize energy performance.

By applying machine learning and predictive analytics to the data generated throughout commercial & industrial operations, Faradai technology enables companies to achieve what is known as Data Driven Operation (DDO). This can take many forms in the industrial enterprise but in essence, it is a select number of parameters triggering a rule, which invokes a response based on specific processes. The more “rules” a facility manager “teaches” its Faradai platform, the more sophisticated the facility DDO become. With the software using rule-based analysis of events and responding automatically to certain triggers, human operators are no longer overwhelmed by numerous alerts and alarms from multiple systems and sensors. DDO automates manual workflows and inefficient models of the past so operators can better monitor, filter and manage alarms and alerts to determine the best course of action for a situation.

We enable enterprises to collect, store, organize, analyze, visualize any real time data and generate actionable intelligence. These industries deploy our platform as a base sustainability platform because it’s the information infrastructure that every organization can leverage — from analytics to visualization, reporting to actionable intelligence. With a scalable and robust Platform-as-a-Service architecture, Faradai’s Platform provides end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption.

Our DDO approach is also a game-changing innovation for utilities, positioning them for success in an increasingly competitive and data-driven market. Many energy utility companies are struggling to extract meaningful intelligence from the tremendous volumes of raw data generated daily in their operations. Sensors on transformers, smart meters, weather stations, valves and pipelines measuring flow, temperature, pressure and density are creating a dramatic rise in data collection, causing upstream and midstream companies to feel like they’re drowning in data. By correlating all these data sources into a single model and providing situational awareness such as geospatial views of risks, operators can see visual confirmation of network choke points and gain early detection of anomalies across multiple systems in close to real-time. It also gives utility companies the ability to better monitor asset performance and predict when an asset could fail.

Faradai Platform, with growing user database in EMEA region, aims to create a sustainable future. At Faradai, we’re focused on making it easy to create smarter buildings and smarter energy grid via accelerating digital energy revolution. We are the pioneers of B-IoT (Building IoT) movement and changing the entire conventional energy ecosystem from the ground by combining our IoT, data science and smart grid engineering expertise. Aiming to be the leader of the digital energy transformation, our team wants to digitalize, democratize and dematerialize energy assets using exponential technologies. Through patent pending proprietary analytics and optimization technologies in coordination with our growing family of smart sensors, controls and meters, we create an extensive track record of documented financial savings, increased efficiency, increased asset value, and bottom line results. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we believe in the principle what Gandhi said once: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”


Sahin Caglayan

Co-founder & CEO at Faradai