Key Points From Us: SME Centre Conference 2022 

Key Points From Us: SME Centre Conference 2022 

SME Centre Conference took place on 31 August 2022 Wednesday in Marina Bay Sands. The main slogan was “Navigating The Future of Sustainability”. Dobrin Dimitrov, Faradai APAC Sales Manager, attended the event, and in this blog, we will talk about some key points and talks from the event.  

How sustainability and corporate purpose can be a competitive advantage for Singapore SMEs?

Ms. Fang Eu-Lin from PwC Singapore talked about SMEs in Singapore and their sustainability and corporate purposes. From her perspective, sustainability is not on the agenda for many small and medium-sized enterprises as many prior problems exist for them to solve daily. These efforts and capital can be luxuries for SMEs unless necessary making support and incentives more important. The companies and enterprises that start their process now will get the advantage in funding availability, brand positioning, and market accessibility as it is not an obligation yet. Transmitting the right message and putting the right narrative for SME’s becomes crucial. 

Doing Good is Good Business – Why Sustainability Matters? -Panel Discussion 

In this part, a panel discussion happened between many professionals in this industry. According to the different professionals, doing good is a good business like the panel title, but it cannot be done quickly in the current framework. Businesses are meant to generate profit continuously but this concept is no longer applicable to many.  The stakeholder concept is one of the concepts that are no longer applicable, and it shall be transformed into a shareholder concept while this change must be done at all levels. Involvement of employees is crucial for companies ad sustainability ideas and approaches are everyone’s mission; It’s collaborative and transparent. People should be educated and integrated about these topics to apply them on a daily level and use them in their lifestyle. For this, proper examples for leaders are crucial.  

Sustainability in Singapore  

Singapore has grown in many ways as a city, becoming a pioneer in many different areas, sustainability being one. Today, Singapore is one of the world’s most sustainable and environmental cities, ranking 1st in the APAC region by Knight Frank’s APAC Sustainably Led Cities Index (SLCI). With many improvements in different SDGs, Singapore is an excellent example for other cities.  

Faradai’s sustainability management platform ‘Faradai Sustain’ leverages powerful automation tools to easily capture sustainability data across your organization and transform it into a single system of record. With Faradai Sustain, you can manage data management, validation, target tracking, audit management, and support international databases like IPCC and EPA. You can also track your Scope 1,2, and 3 while complying with ISO 14001, ISO 14064, GRI, and CDP reporting.  

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