Faradai launches granular scope 2 traceability emissions reporting tool to accelerate the race to Net Zero

Faradai, a London-headquartered Net Zero Intelligence software company using AI and IoT technology, has released its latest product – Trace4Zero. Trace4Zero provides enterprises with granular electricity grid emissions data on an hourly basis.   

Faradai, signatories of the UN’s – 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compact, developed the product with support from Innovate UK. Trace4Zero aligns with Faradai’s commitments under the UN Energy Compact to support the decarbonisation of electricity grids. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed must be met with carbon-free electricity sources every day, everywhere (24/7 Carbon Free Energy).  

Faradai Trace4Zero provides users with vital traceability information to establish the real CO2 impact of the electricity they consume from the grid hourly.  Trace4Zero shines a light on the issue that the carbon intensity of electricity grids varies constantly due to the changing demand on the system and the availability of renewable electricity. This highlights the limitations of location-based emissions reporting (based on average emissions factors) and market-based reporting. Informing consumers of the real emissions of their electricity hourly allows them to make better-informed decisions about the power they purchase or produce. Consumers can opt for hourly time-matched certificates of energy origin or invest in self-generation where the grid is dirtiest. This granularity level also improves the accuracy of users’ emissions reporting. Understanding energy consumption and generation hourly promotes investment in carbon-free energy in the regions where it is needed most and will accelerate the decarbonisation of electricity grids.   

Faradai are incredibly proud to launch Trace4Zero and support organisations across the globe to get more transparency around the energy they are consuming and accelerate the race to Net Zero.

Please reach out if you want to learn more about Trace4Zero and speak to our friendly team [email protected]