Faradai’s Platform is AI-powered Energy & Sustainability Intelligence Platform.

With a scalable and robust Platform-as-a-Service architecture, Faradai Platform provides end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption.

Track the real time condition of your energy assets, monitor energy performance of your facilities and obtain data driven notifications from anywhere and anytime you need.

No more need to use multiple systems to manage energy data

Our Platform provides a single solution for the integration of any kind of energy assets thanks to its multi-protocol and brand-independent structure. With its extensive libraries, it is easy to connect sensors, equipment, databases, or third-party platforms in a very short time. Already collecting data from thousands of buildings, field units, and energy assets in real-time. The Platform aggregates all enterprise or external data and makes them available for analytics.

A broad range of analysis and unique machine learning capabilities

The Faradai Platform offers more than just the visualization of data. It turns the data collected from different sources into actionable knowledge with a holistic approach. Thanks to the platform analytics architecture, it is possible to perform analyses on streaming data, generate alarms, control signals, and reports with their outputs. Let's uncover inefficiencies, anomalies and potentials in your consumption, equipment and processes with advanced data analytics.

Tailored screens delivered in minutes

While we are developing our platform, we wanted it to be easy to use and configure by everyone, so that you can create and share tailored dashboards for specific needs, improve engagement and raise awareness about energy efficiency. Lots of stakeholders in energy and sustainability have different objectives with the same data. Users may design custom dashboards and periodic reports for themselves with the numerous data visualization and configuration options available to them. White labeling options and multi-tenant architecture enable also our partners to provide bespoke value-added solutions to their clients.